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Hi, you have safely landed at brahici's lair, aka WBO.

What kind of content you may expect ?

Nothing incredible... Personal thoughts, some python stuff, links to bands and board games I enjoy.

It thought it was easy

Frankly, it thought it. Four years ago (!!!) when it started this site, I thought I can write at least an article, let's say, once a month.

And it did not happen.

So many changes occurred in my life ... The about page is totally outdated ! But there are immutable facts, I am still a Python fan (more than ever !), I still use gentoo, I still play board games and I still listen to thrilling music (I guess I could be a bit more objective).

No "new year's resolution", but I will strive to upgrade WBO's sources and publish new stuff. Maybe updating the about stuff is a reasonnable first step :-).

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