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Oh. You want to know more about WBO and maybe about me.

My name is Brice Vissière, I am french, born in 1972. I am a former chemist, but I work as software engineer since 1998.

I live in South West of France, nearby Bordeaux.

I'm currently working for Groupe Costes, which provides, among other things, IT services for Costes hotels and restaurants (including the world famous Hotel Costes). Since 2003, I have implemented several OpenERP and Tryton servers, developped an in-house ETL and worked on a wide area of software interfaces (PMS, IPBX, ...), all obviously in Python.

Previously, I have worked for STI (from 1998 to 2003), an elder IT company (founded in 1966). In 2001, STI was acquired by Gedas France (unit of Gedas, itself IT service subsidiary of Volkswagen).

I'm Python and Linux enthusiast. Apart Django, I also like developing with Flask and Pyramid. My boxes run Gentoo Linux and Arch Linux. At work, we use Debian Linux for servers and Ubuntu Linux for desktops and laptops. However, we have started using Apple boxes since 2008.

Most of the time, I use a Gnome 3 desktop, but sometimes, I switch to pekwm or ratpoison. I can't live without a terminal, Gnome Terminal or rxvt-unicode. I must admit that the Mac OS X terminal is good too. I am a zsh fan.

For developping, I use vim with some plugins: NERD tree, snip Mate, SuperTab, python.vim and AutoClose. I use the 'jellybeans' theme from Color Sampler Pack.

brahici's lair is my new personal website. It is powered by Django. I had previously started a PHP site, hosted at, but it stayed stalled quickly, as I'm not really a PHP fan.

I've been wondering for a while about using Twitter's bootstrap, to have a modern design. But I decided to make my own design. Especially because lots of websites are using bootstrap with, more or less, the default style. So, all those sites look the same ...

Besides programming, I enjoy listening music (my profile at, reading fantasy or sci-fi books and I like to play board games (my favorites are Smallworld and Race for the Galaxy). I am the secretary of a local club of board games players ALPSJAA.

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